Messa Tridentina Napoli su New Liturgical Movement

Grazie al carissimo amico Bedwere, le foto della Messa delle scorso 8 dicembre nel Santuario di San Gaetano sono finite sul celebre sito New Liturgical Movement al primo posto.

Un particolare ringraziamento anche a Gregory di Pippo. Di seguito la notizia; si rimanda al sito per l’articolo completo con le relative foto.

Immacolate Conception Photopost 2017

Gregory di Pippo

New Liturgical Movement

As always, we are very grateful to everyone who sent in their photographs of liturgies celebrated on the Immaculate Conception. We have a good variety in this one, with several different countries represented, blue vestments being used in the Philippines and in a Byzantine liturgy, the Ambrosian Rite, and a Pontifical Mass. I also include here the Mass celebrated by our good friends of the Fraternity of St Joseph the Guardian on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe; although they are based in France, most of the members of the order are Chilean, and celebrate it as a patronal feast.

A note about Rorate Masses: we have already received several sets of photos of Rorate Masses. We will do at least one photopost of them next week, possibly two, which will also include photos of Gaudete Sunday liturgies and anything else that might come up for Advent. If you have already sent some in, know that we will definitely be glad to use them. Evangelize thoguh beauty!

San Paolo Maggiore (Chapel of St Cajetan) – Naples, Italy (IBP)

Organized by the Coetus Fidelium of St Cajetan and St Andrew Avellino and the Royal Circle Francesco II of Bourbon; celebrated by Don Giorgio Lenzi, IBP, Chaplain of Merit of the Sovereign Constantinian Military Order of St George, and secretary of the Order’s Grand Prior, Card. Castrillon Hoyos. Several members of the Constantinian Order were present for the celebration, and some very nice floral decoration were set up in front of the church, in one of the city’s most crowded and chaotic piazzas.



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